Capillary Matting

Using Capillary Matting in watering systems is the effective way to provide large numbers of plants in pots or seed trays with water on benching or shelving in greenhouses and polytunnels. Manufacturing the “Lantor” capillary matting range, these premium quality, hard wearing and high capillary action products have been trusted for over 25 years.

High wool content, ‘Airlay’ non-woven

Excellent water holding, transfer and levelling across bench systems

Chemically bonded system

Dimensional stability, tough and durable

Range of thicknesses

Matches water holding requirements for systems used

Stocked in a variety of standard sized rolls, or made bespoke to the customer needs, which can also be cut into pads to match bench sizes and trays for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our Algon range offers a superior product with an additional easy clean surface

Water holding ranges from 2.5 litres to 9 litres / m2.

GroundCloud White and GroundCloud Purple are complimentary, competitively priced range capillary mattings providing excellent water holding, dimensional stability in roll widths up to 4.3m.

Lantor Capillary Mat

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GroundCloud Purple

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GroundCloud White

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